Young Guns (Virgin EMI Records/Wind-up Records) announced their upcoming album, Ones and Zeros, will be released on June 9, 2015. The album is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and includes the songs “Daylight” and “Infinity,” co-written by John Alicastro and Mike Lauri.


The London-based band has emerged as one of the UK’s most electrifying new bands, garnering heavy radio play in the UK and touring across Europe, including a main stage performance at the Reading Festival. Visit the band’s website for more information regarding the upcoming album and their current US tour dates.


For a sneak peek at the new album check out “Daylight” at (and below). Gustav Wood, lead singer of Young Guns, recalls while writing the song, “I remember sitting at a piano in the house that John and Fraser’s parents own, and we were about to head off to New York in a few days to demo up some songs . . . We had a pretty solid instrumental of the song that would become “Daylight” but nothing vocally that really worked.” He continued stating, “John added a string section after the first chorus, Cellos, and for some reason it felt really evocative, like a little moment of clarity or realization in all the noise of the song, and I thought of the first light in the morning coming through the windows after a long dark night. I sang over it “All we need is daylight” and recorded it on my phone. When I showed the others, everyone really liked it, and from that little five-second moment, the whole song developed.”



Pre-order the full album and purchase “Daylight” on iTunes or stream it on Spotify or YouTube.


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