Co-written and Produced by Gregg Wattenberg and Derek Fuhrmann, Five For Fighting’s sixth studio album, “Bookmarks,” was released today via Wind-up Records.


An open letter from John Ondrasik regarding the release…



Today my sixth album Bookmarks is released. On moments like these I tend to reflect a bit and a strange thought hit me this morning. I have now been making records under the Five For Fighting moniker (15 Years) for about as long as I struggled to get my first record deal. (15 Years). That’s a generation pursuing and realizing a childhood dream while writing thousands of songs along the way. It has been quite a ride with triumphs and calamities a many. Though my life, my priorities, and the music industry have certainly changed since I was making “Message for Albert”, one thing has not. I am truly grateful for this life. I realize I am one of the lucky ones. I also take pride in the work ethic and perseverance that my parents instilled in me while recognizing those who have been instrumental in my career. You guys know who you are and I can’t thank you enough. Also, there is no Five For Fighting without the support of my parents, my wife Carla, and my kids. Though this is a dream “job”, it is not an easy one on my family with the travel, obligations, and moods!

I’m often asked why Five For Fighting instead of John Ondrasik and though it’s a story for another time I’m glad that my brand has for the most part been about the songs. Some of you who follow me on twitter have heard my rants about the shallowness of celebrity pop culture and I kind of dig that way more people know my songs than the guy who wrote and sings them.

Who knows how many more FFF albums there will be or what comes next. I do know today is a day to celebrate this one. I have never had more fun making a record and I think that speaks through the songs. Teaming up with my partner in crime Producer Gregg Wattenberg for the first time since “America Town” has brought the circle around…

Finally, there is none of this without you who have supported my music. Some of you have been fans since we started and some have only just heard of FFF through “What If”. I hope you feel part of this music because in fact, you are. You’re words of encouragement and gratitude over the years mean more than I can say. However old we are, there is that insecure kid in all of us who wants to scream out his place in the world, needing to be heard. Thanks for giving him an audience, and a smile.


Buy the album now via iTunes.


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