Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness releases his brand new single, “Fire Escape.” The song was co-written and produced by Gregg Wattenberg and Derek Fuhrmann.

In the words of Andrew, “Fire Escape was born of a weeks worth of late nights in New York City. I’d been traveling in support of the first Wilderness album for nearly 2 years when I found myself with a rare weekend off in a town that’s been known to get the best of me. The acrobat, the banker, the oxblood friend; these larger than life characters are the real life squad that lead me through the boroughs, bodegas, bars and subway stations found in the lyrics of this song. When it was all said and done the nearly illegible pocketsize-notebook prose charting our adventures was curated in a high rise studio off 49th street. The friends I made there, while writing “Fire Escape” have gone on to be the collaborators in charge of bringing the full length album to life.”

New single “Fire Escape” out now! Download & stream it here:

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