Rising favorite Quinn XCII is back with new music—on a new label!

On Friday, the Michigan artist made it official with his debut on Republic Records, delivering his first release on the label called “Backpack” co-written by Jesse Fink and Remy Geautreau which comes with a humorous accompanying video co-starring Yung Gravy, Zach Sang and others.

“‘Backpack’ is a basic everyday term we throw around, but I’d never heard it in a song,” says Quinn. “I crafted this fictional story around the word. It’s about being with a girl and seeing she’s a lot cooler and more experienced than you are. It comes down to how you react to the situation. Do you put your pride aside and fake it until you make it, so to speak? I’ve been in situations like that. I decided to be an alter ego of myself, and I realized it’s not a healthy way of getting into a relationship.” 

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