New York-based artist, Dora Jar, is blessing us with her hot new song “Bump” co-written and produced by PomPom. With “Bump,” Dora Jar isn’t afraid to stand out and be different.

“Bump” is shrouded in a dreamlike ether that evokes the quiet sobriety of greats like Björk and FKA Twigs. The stripped-down 808 is the perfect backdrop for Dora Jar’s silky, ethereal voice. Layers of disparate sonic texture are meticulously added as the song builds to the final chorus. This adds to the beautiful complexity that forms the hypnotic undercurrent of “Bump.” Dora Jar has that devil-may-care, ready-for-whatever aura about her, which is wholeheartedly reflected in her music. There is something inherently calming about “Bump,” as if experiencing a dream you never want to wake from.

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