Today, Island Records artist, Connell Cruise releases his Worldwide debut, Into The Wild. Track 4: “Unbelievable,” co-wrote by our own Derek Fuhrmann.

The South African-born singer / songwriter is no stranger to the spotlight – signed locally to David Gresham Records and three-time South African Music Award nominee. Cruise released his first album in 2013, but wasn’t until his cover of Avicii’s, “Wake Me Up” reached the #1 spot on the South African iTunes chart, did an online frenzy begin. Shortly after in April of 2014 when Cruise released his single, “Into The Wild,” he caught the attention of Island Records and signed with the global powerhouse responsible for acts like Avicii, Neon Trees, Incubus, and Demi Lovato.

Into The Wild is available now via iTunes.

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