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Since the release of her debut album, Water in a Whale, Jillette Johnson has been keeping busy on the road and now on the small screen. Tune in to catch “Torpedo” and “Cameron” on…   ABC Family – Season Premiere of The Vineyard at 10PM (EST) on Tuesday, July 23rd VH1 – Love & Hip […]

Shortly after E! unveiled its plan to air the new Divas reality show, “Charm & Beauty” written by Wind-Up Songs writers John Alicastro and Mike Lauri was chosen as the show’s official promo theme song. “Total Divas” will air on E! this summer.

Wind-Up and WWE have had a long-standing history and it was no surprise when the two announced their partnership. Not only has the WWE provided a monumental platform for label’s artists with broadcasts reaching approximately 12 million viewers each week, but most recently have named  “The Night” (written by Wind-up Songs’ own, John Alicastro and […]

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